Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Crochet - Some Pretty "RickRack" Trims from 1916, Part II


Continuing on from last week, here are two more trims using crochet and ricrac, from the May 1916 issue of Needlecraft magazine, by Adelaide Carr Baker.

Trim #3:

"A half-wheel edging makes a pretty border for doilies, or may be used as a straight trimming.  Fasten back the (ricrac) braid 5 points, overlapping 4, and the middle folded in half.

1. Fasten thread in the half point, (chain 3, a treble in next point) twice, taking each treble through the overlapping points, then continue with (chain 3, a treble in next poing) 7 times, fold the (ricrac) braid as before, (chain 3, a treble in next point, putting hook through both or lapped points) 3 times, making 13 points, with 3 chain between, from the beginning, counting both sides folded back.

2. Chain 4, *a treble under chain between points, chain 1; repeat.

3. A treble (chain 3 for 1st, always) under each chain of last row, turn.

4. A double between each 2 trebles, chain 5, fasten across wheel in 1st double made, chain 4, fasten under last treble of 1st row, chain 4, fasten in point folded in middle, and repeat from 1st row to lenght desired."

Trim #4:

"A very pretty border with turned corner is useful in many ways.

1. Fasten thread a little at the side of a point of braid, chain 3 for a treble, make 3 trebles close together* chain 4, 2 trebles in the hollow, or depression, between points, chain 4 4 trebles in next point, repeat from * until the corner is reached, then after the 2nd 4 chain make a treble in each of the next 2 points, keeping the top loop of each on needle and working both off together, thus drawing the 2 corner points close together, then continue from *.

2. Two trebles under 4 chain (chain 3 for 1st treble of row), 4 in 4 trebles and 2 under following chain, chain 2; repeat; at corner, make 2 trebles under 4 chain, working off together, and 2 under next 4 chain, chain 2, and continue as before with the straight lace.

3. A treble in a stitch, chain 1, miss 1; repeat.  At corner make a treble in last of 8 trebles and in 1st of next 8 trebles, drawing them together above the 4 trebles of last row.

4. A treble in each stitch; at corner join to top of treble following the 2 corner trebles of last row, slip back over 2 trebles, and continue; this makes a square corner."

Trim #5:

"An insertion matching this edge differs from it slightly, but may be made exactly the same, if preferred.  

1. Three trebles in point of braid (chain 3 for 1st treble of the row), chain 6, a treble in depression between points, chain 6, repeat to corner, where chain 4, 3 trebles in next 2 points, taken together, chain 4, treble between points, chain 6, and continue as before.

2. Three trebles under chain, 3 in 3 trebles and 3 under chain following, chain 1; repeat to corner, where make 1 treble under chain, 1 in 2nd treble and 1 under following chain.

3.  Same as 3rd row of edging.

4.  Same as 4th row of edging.

5. From the outer edge, work as directed in 1st row to corner, where chain 6, 3 trebles in corner point, chain 4, 3 trebles in same place, chain 6, and continue.

6.  Like 2nd row to corner, where make 3 trebles under 4 chain, chain 4, 3 trebles under same chain, then continue as before with treble in treble, 3 under chain, and so on.

7.  Same as 3rd row to corner where make a treble under 4 chain, chain 4, a treble under same chain.

8. A treble in each stitch, with 9 trebles under corner chain to turn  nicely

The straight lace or edging and insertion are pretty for many purposes, together or singly, the insertion makes a very attractive towel end.  Used together they are very effective as a finish for scrim curtains."

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Sam said...

So pretty! But I don't crochet. Lovely on a towel or curtain.