Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In Which I Wish I Could Do Russian Joins

Reserve Cat has a thing for alpaca. He doesn’t eat it, which I guess is a small blessing, given the average vet bill in this household.

He bites it in half. I will be knitting away, not even realizing he is in the room, and suddenly a quick, vicious chomp is heard from the vicinity of my ankles (I don’t know about you but eventually all my yarn winds up on the floor), and he is staring thoughtfully down at the severed ends.

He doesn’t do this with anonymous chain store acrylic, or even the ball of Kitchen Cotton that’s waiting to be turned into a washcloth.

Just the flippin’ seven dollar a skein alpaca I brought back from our last vacation. If he keeps it up, this shawl is going to have more knots in it than a cheap two by six.


Valerie said...

we have his twin bro here at home ! ;)

Shay said...

I am trying to tat some Christmas ornaments to give to my colleagues and he is "helping!"