Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Patterns of the Past - Sundresses

From the April, 1953 Workbasket. Patterns for sundress with capelets or jackets to make them decent enough to wear downtown were very popular.


Rhonda said...

I take one of each please!
when you get them made, I'll send you may mailing info. :)

they really are pretty, just like I remember women looking when I was a child.

Amanda said...

Love the sundresses

Miss Kitty said...


That is AWESOME! I take it this is only an ad from a magazine, and not the pattern envelope itself? Because if you actually have that pattern, I would happily pay you for a copy of it.

BTW: I'm now officially learning to sew; an apron is my first project, and will be posted it all its wonky glory. :-P