Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crochet - Lace and Insertion from 1948

This edging appears to be identical to last week's pattern, but comes with a matching insertion. From Workbasket magazine, January 1948 (I think. For the first ten years of its run, Workbasket had an odd way of numbering issues).

Two pages of instructions on my Flickr account.


Helen L said...

thanks for sharing. My grandmother (born in 1896)made a baby bonnet for my daughter (born 1989) with this pattern of crochet lace and I've been looking for the instructions for it for years. I couldn't figure it out on my own since I'm not too well versed in crochet and the flower in the middle was too hard for me to figure out! Thanks again!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

Shay said...

If you're able to re-create it, I'd love for you to send me a photo so I can post it on the blog.