Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Simple and Safe Remedies for Common Diseases and Accidents"

Chilblains.  These sores are caused by frost, and are very troublesome, and often painful.  Where the skin is not broken, bathe the part in strong alum water.  This will cure, if continued a week or two.

Bleeding at the Nose.  Grate dried salt beef, and take two or three pinches as snuff.  This is said always to cure.  Other remedies will often suppress it --- such as the following; Raise the left arm, and keep it up some time.  Bathe the back of the head and neck in cold water.  Tie a thread very tight around the little finger.

Warts.  Wet them with tobacco juice, and rub them with chalk.  Another – Rub them with fresh beef every day until they begin to disappear.  This last is simple and effectual.

Corns.  Take half an ounce of Verdigris, two ounces of beeswax, two ounces of ammonia; melt the two last ingredients together, and just before they are cold, add the verdigris.  Spread on small pieces of linen, and apply it, after paring the corn.  This has cured inveterate corns.

For a Sting.  Bind on he place a thick plaster of common salt, or saleratus moistened – it will soon extract the venom.

Ring Worms.  Take tobacco and boil it well – add vinegar and lye, and wash often.  Gunpowder and vinegar is also good.  Another; lay a penny in a spoonful of vinegar, and after standing a few hours, wash it frequently.  This will cure.

From The Skillful Housewife’s Book, or Complete Guideto Domestic Cookery; Taste, Comfort and Economy, by Mrs. L.G. Abell, 1852.  Available as a pdf from Google Books.

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