Friday, April 20, 2012

That Was Harrowing

Smitty decided, God bless 'im, that three weeks was too short to try and quit his job, get rid of his apartment, put his car in storage and ship his belongings 2000 miles.  So he's deferring medical school.


He's still going, just not for another 2 semesters.  Maybe by that time he can show me how to use the Department of Homeland Security's after action report template without taking a baseball bat to the PC.


Viviana said...

You know, I had to access the DHS website for very different reasons than you probably do... but it is the most unfriendly site ever! And I don't know what your passwords are like, but ours were ridiculous. It would take people 20 minutes to come up with one that the site would accept.

Anyway, you've got 2 semesters to convince Smitty to stay (and save you the agony of using the DHS website).

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Not to rain on your parade but, t's the the two semester's Smitty will teach you how to use it....some one else is will be sitting there thinking up ways to change it so that all you who know how to use it--will be completly baffled! Me? I just use the bulk mail forms the USPS puts out---they change one little block every 3 months--I swear they do! Just to make it a pain in the---well....Good luck-to you AND Smitty! Blessings, Sharon