Thursday, September 13, 2012

Snippets From A Life

I am looking over her shoulder as our PIO attempts to track down an elusive piece of information online.

She:  *&(W#E!

Me:  That's probably not the word to use while you're accessing the Catholic Charities Facebook page.

I am talking to Xena and Smitty when a very senior and totally clueless staff member drifts in.

She:  Hey, have you written Trudy's* evaluation yet?

Me:  Can we talk about that later?

She:  Did she hand in her self-eval?

Me:  Can we talk about that later?

She:  What kind of marks did she give herself?

Me: (through clenched teeth) We will talk about that later.

She: (seemingly notices the other two for the first time).  Oh.  Ok.  (drifts out).

Smitty:  Did she just do what I think she did?

My lovely, sweet boss needs someone to run a package over to the county jail, which is conveniently located in the courthouse right next door to the health department.

She:  Smitty!  Can you take this to Dr. Karagawa* at the jail for me?  You don't have to go through the front door, you can use the door by the booking office.

He: Ah...I don't know where the booking office is.

She:  (approvingly) I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that.

I have just walked through the door and immediately go to the kitchen and start mixing myself a brandy highball.

He:  Hitting the sauce a little early tonight?

Me:  I drink on Zulu Time.  The sun is over the yardarm in Greenwich.

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