Thursday, November 1, 2012

Public Health - It's Not Just a Job, It's an Adventure

At one o'clock this afternoon I learned that, due to circumstances utterly beyond her control (honestly -- not her fault), my co-presenter for tomorrow's workshop "I Won't Leave Without Them - Addressing the Human/Animal Bond in Disaster Preparedness and Response" will not be co-presenting.

I hope the audience doesn't get tired of looking at me.


Ladytats said...

still have your kittens? can you take one of them?

GDad said...

Just remember - create audience participation if you start to lose them. "How many of you have ever done X? Keep your hands up. Now, how many of you have done Y? Great. This segment has been brought to you by the Bureau of Context-Free Data Points."

Sam said...

You will have a captured audience since so many of us will NOT leave without the animals we hold so dear. Would you consider giving us some of what you will present? So we can make informed choices in our times of need? Like Good Ole Sandy here on the East Coast.

Shay said...

Ladytats -- the kittens have gone to Animal Control. We can't take one as we have 2 cats already and the village has a pet restriction.

GDad -- I threatened to make anyone who fell asleep take home a kitten.

Sam -- go to the Illinois Dept of Ag's website, download this brochure, and then do what it tells you to do!

The recommendation to have a getaway plan and use the buddy system is a good one.