Sunday, May 5, 2013

The First Asparagus of the Season

"Afparagus - The mode of cultivation belongs to gardening; your bufinefs is only to cut and drefs, the largeft is beft, the growth of a day fufficient, fix inches long, and cut juft above the ground; many cut below the furface, under an idea of getting tender fhoots, and preferving the bud; but it enfeebles the root; dig round it and it will be wet with the juices -- but if cut above ground, and juft as the dew is going off, the fun will either reduce the juice, or fend it back to nourifh the root -- its an excellent vegetable." - Amelia Simmons, American Cookery, 1798.


Packrat said...

When I was little, we'd just go cut asparagus. It grew everywhere along the ditch banks. Now, we have to buy it, and it costs almost as much per pound as a beef steak.

Shay said...

Fortunately we have a nice asparagus patch and will be feasting for the next 2 wks or so.

It's definitely a seasonal treat.