Friday, July 5, 2013

Quote Of The Day

Life is short.  Wear the good stuff. ~ C. J. Hammon

(copyright-free image from Dover).


Bunnykins said...

"Wear the good stuff." Such good advice. A friend told me that he found his grandmother's bottom dresser drawers full of things that she'd received as presents over the years, never worn as they were "too good to use." They had rotted in their tissue, never having been enjoyed. I found a few things in my grandfather's bedroom after he died, also put away as 'too good to wear'

It's hard to keep my promise to "wear the good stuff" as I need to invent reasons to get dressed up. Must work on that more. Hmmm.

Shay said...

My mother had three sets of china. One for every day, one for guests, and one set that never, in my memory, got used.

It was too "good."