Saturday, May 10, 2014

History Repeats Itself

I spent half this week at a volunteer management conference (I keep saying that I want to re-negotiate my employment contract to be paid by the conference).  A man* is lecturing us on the correct way to prepare disaster volunteers to go out on assignment.

He:  And we strongly recommend that you have them complete a "Fit for Duty" checklist before deploying.  This protects both the volunteer, and the sponsoring unit.

Lady Who Has My Job In Another County:  (Somewhat despairingly) Do you happen to have a sample "Fit for Duty" checklist that we can use?

He:  Er...well, we recommend that each jurisdiction develop one.

Peeved stares from 98% of his audience, all of whom wear at least two hats if not three in their respective departments and for whom this is a new paperwork requirement.

Me:  (quietly, to LWHMJIAC)  April, email me when you get back to your office, I'll send you a copy of ours.

After the workshop is over, he approaches me and gives me his card.

He:  Would you be willing to send me your "Fit for Duty" checklist too?

*Not in a suit and tie, but in the uniform of the Public Health Service. As I told my sweet, lovely boss, there has to be a way we can leverage some $$$ out of the Feds for this.


H J Hess said...

Maybe you should prepare a price list of your different forms and services to hand out to officials at these events . . .

tattrldy said...

Got a laugh out of this. Also H J Hess' comment :-)