Monday, June 30, 2014

Sin of Omission

It is twelve months since the spousal unit's second knee replacement surgery, and he had a final follow up visit with the surgeon this morning.

Me:  And what did the doctor say?

He:  He says they look good -- I can pretty much do whatever I want on them.

Me:  Did it occur to you to tell him that you plan on participating in the Bataan Memorial Death March next spring?

He:  No.


Miss Allen said...

Oh, my. I hope he isn't going to do the heavy pack and the whole thing...

Shay said...

Don't give him any ideas.

Sam said...

Perhaps the surgeon reads this blog??

Bunnykins said...

I'm assuming he's going the full distance? It sounds right up his alley. Perhaps you can call the doctor's receptionist and tell her to look at your blog, thus not directly ratting him out.

But, as someone with a mucked up knee (make that knees now), I can understand the desire to get out and *do*. Not being able to is making me crabby enough to toss spit balls at those who can still run up and down stairs.

Glad he's better, though.

Lady Anne said...

Men! It's no wonder God had to create women. They'd have died out from sheer stupidity.