Monday, March 16, 2015

It's Deja Vu All Over Again

I have managed to strain an oblique muscle, coughing.  The only thing that doesn't hurt is lying in the recliner (I am so looking forward to our flight to New Mexico on Friday).


Bunnykins said...

I'm an old techie who has what could be described as a "look with one squinty eye" relationship with diagrams of people's innards, but I looked up what you pulled.
OUCH! Hope you heal up soon. Maybe you'll get a little warmth and sun in New Mexico even if the trip there sounds, ah, 'challenging.' Between the sinuses and cough and this, you probably need a change of scenery.

Sam said...

Oh Shay! This sounds horrible.
New Mexico is a lovely place to visit. Just make sure the first 36 hrs you are chugging fluids and inhaling carbs to conquer the altitude sickness. I never ate so many slices of bread but it helped!

Lady Anne said...

I did the same with a case of bronchitis. You honestly have my deepest sympathy. Been there; done that.

Can you call off the trip? Tell them you're waiting for Charon to arrive, or something?

Shay said...

Have you ever tried to get money back from an airline?

Lady Anne said...

Um, no. I've heard they won't even give you a refund of you're dead.