Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It Took Longer Than I Expected

Sean* and his wife are expecting their first baby, so a bunch of knitters in the department contributed 8-inch squares for a blankie.  I volunteered to sew them together.  I had help.

Lots of help.


Lady Anne said...

Does he also help you make the bed? Mine generally helps from under the sheets.

For some reason our cat likes to carry flowers around in his mouth, like some sort of four-footed Carmen. The Squire was NOT amused when the cat "helped" him set the table last week by overturning a vase of lilacs.

Shay said...

Her Majesty used to help with the flowers by knocking them over and then chewing them to bits. Reserve Cat doesn't seem to care.

Jane S. said...

Cat tested and approved!

Sam said...

Reserve Cat is merely checking to see if the squares are knitted well or not. If done well, his hair won't penetrate. If not done well, his hair is the binder agent.

My 2 Maine Coons like to "help" when I am cutting out costumes or quilts. Cutting Board Sliding is an a huge sport in my house.

Shay said...

One of my colleagues who is getting her PhD has started using decoys when she's studying. She places two or three pieces of typing paper attractively around the room and her cats go after those instead of jumping up on the table to "help."

I have a feeling that won't be successful for very long, though.

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

I can completely relate to this! Had a custom order for a neckwrap--and had to rewash multiple times due to "help"! When Sir Stirling started helping me (hand) sew-- I knew it was time for a break!