Thursday, June 25, 2015

This Is A True Statement, Unfortunately

About mid-afternoon, a terrific explosion shook downtown and rattled our building.  Rattled a lot of people, too – I looked out the window to the courthouse and all these deputies came boiling out.  Turned out a semi blew a tire, but the buildings on either side of the street compressed the blast waves and made it sound like a bomb.  Trudy* came into my office.

She:  Omygawd that scared me.  Weren’t you scared?

Me:  I’m too dumb to be scared.


Sam said...

Not dumb, well trained to handle emergencies. You were just checking to see if you were needed. Thank you for that.

Bunnykins said...

Also known as unflappable, a much underappreciated quality in an age when everyone is performing for the ever present camera.

Lady Anne said...

@ Bunnykins - Or grabbing a camera and getting in the way.

Saw a newspaper article - Manchester Guardian, maybe - where the police are fining people who slow down to take pictures of traffic accidents. Using a phone while driving, and impeding traffic. Nine points and a 5,000 pound fine - almost US$8,000.

Maybe we should try that.

Shay said...

After the bang I looked for a plume and didn't see one so I pretty much shrugged it off. There are times when knowing too much about a situation is as bad as knowing too little.

Lady Anne said...

I like that statement. May I quote you?

Shay said...

I'm probably not the first person to say that but sure.