Saturday, September 5, 2015

Going Out With A Bang

When I joined the Health Department six years ago, we were on the cusp of the H1N1 mass vaccination response.  I am retiring in 28 days, and there is a weird sort of symmetry to this.


Bunnykins said...

You've had 6 years to whip them into shape and get them ready to respond to anything. My suggestion is what the other half did when he retired, leaving the rest to manage the automation that keeps the data centres running: know you've done your best to train and support them, and only respond to dire emergencies or invitations to parties. Resetting the internal clock and the urge to keep working the list has been the hardest part.
Speaking of parties, has the "yippee! I'm outta here, let's break out the wine" started running through your mind yet?

Lady Anne said...

Congratulations on the up-coming retirement! I'm with Bunny - when do we break out the wine?

And, um, when did four people constitute an epidemic?

Shay said...

Four is the magic number for official designation as an outbreak, if you can connect the dots with three of them.

We are waiting on test results for 28 more.