Thursday, November 12, 2015

A moi le Vicks Vaporub!

image from Pinterest

I got caught in a downpour at Blarney Castle on Sunday (soaked doesn’t begin to describe it) and the cold that I brought back with me settled in late yesterday with a vengeance.  I can’t breathe and have been mostly guzzling Dayquil and sleeping, so any posting on my trip is going to be a little delayed.


Lady Anne said...

Boy, do you have my sympathy! I hope Reserve Cat and the Spousal Unit are keeping you supplied with cuddles, and chicken soup - each according to his abilities.

Bunnykins said...

It's good weather to just crawl under the covers, stay warm, and wait it out. Hope you're better soon. And yes, apply cat as necessary.

Sam said...

Add in jet lag - see you next week. Hope you feel better!