Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Knitting - A Drop-Stitch Blouse from 1953

From the March, 1953 Workbasket, a blouse knitted in one piece with rows of  drop-stitch for an open-work effect.  The cover and two pages of instructions are on my Flickr page.


Bunnykins said...

I really like these old patterns. This one has another simple stitch that just looks complicated. If I were industrious, I'd make notes and samples to tuck into my early 1970s Mon Tricot book of stitches. So much better than hard to read charts and complicated techniques in some modern patterns. This is all about the product, not the journey.

Anonymous said...

H'm . . . looks like the stockinette-stitch roll neckline is not such a modern idea after all.

Shay said...

Everything old is new again.