Saturday, October 1, 2016


In other news, Sheba has learned to play hide and seek with Chunk, and Minnie is obsessed with Reserve Cat and started stalking him.

Addendum: He's been hiding in my closet for two days and just moved to my lingerie drawer.  It's only a matter of time before she tracks him down.


Lady Anne said...

I would imagine a feisty kitten and a full-grown German Shepherd racing around the house is rather, um, exciting? How many things have gotten broken so far? Poor Reserve Cat. He *is* going to have to learn to loosen up, isn't he? First the dog and now the kitten.

Bunnykins said...

I hope Minnie has the good sense to cuddle up and lick Reserve Cat. He could do with a special friend about now. Poor boy, never to have the whole of mum's bed to himself again.

Sam said...

Maybe Minnie's "love" for Reserve Cat will become "BFF" in time. Or not. And have Sheba and the dog broken anything yet? Chuckling to think what 2 large dogs, 1 grumpy elder cat and two feisty kitten girls can do to one's home.