Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Knitting - Men's Socks from 1953

 Here for your knitting pleasure, a pair of men's socks from the January, 1953 issue of Workbasket magazine.  Three pages of instructions on my Flickr account.


Anonymous said...

The first page is there, but no more. What am I doing wrong?

Shay said...

Wait until page 1 loads completely and you will see a thin white arrow at the extreme left hand side of the black background area. Click that to get to page 2. Wait again for the arrow, click, and it will take you to page 3.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, and I just had to comment on this post for two reasons: First, I am a knitter/crocheter/tatter and I enjoy seeing the old patterns that you post, especially from the Workbasket. I also get a kick out of the old recipes and the 'customs' of days gone by. I was a youngster in the early '50s and remember how things were then!

Second, I smiled when I saw the ad for Speedwriting. (I think you showed one in another post.) I could write my own story about it and agree with the ad! It was responsible for my successful legal secretarial career. (I would never have had the patience to learn Gregg shorthand!) I learned it at a 'secretarial school', and when I went on job interviews in 1962 (age 18),some employers, didn't 'trust' it and wouldn't hire a 'Speedwriter'!! Fortunately my employer had no problem, but I still had to 'prove' myself! Used it for 20 years!

Shay said...

My mother insisted that I take typing and shorthand in high school because "girls who can type can always find a job."

The short hand didn't take, I'm afraid -- and I wish it had because when I take notes in meetings now I often can't read them. The typing DID take, and I can still keyboard at about 90wpm. A valuable life skill.