Thursday, March 1, 2018

Just Trying To Be Helpful

Therapist:  The idea is to do this movement quite sharply, to jar the crystals loose.

Me:  I can think of any number of people who would love to smack me one up side the head.

Therapist (unperturbed): Your head still has to be in the proper position for that to work.


Bunnykins said...

Good, you have a therapist with a sense of humour. If he makes you throw up on his shoes, it'll help. Next question: once you move things back where they should be, will they stay there this time? Can the crystals be dissolved or gotten rid of, or do you/we need those things? I hope you're at least getting full maid service which you're confined to the recliner.

Sam said...

Nothing worse than a therapist without a sense of humor. I had trouble remembering my ankle exercises until she gave them better names. "Drunken Bird" is my favorite. Stand on 1 leg, put the good foot next to the bad ankle and bend from the waist slightly and back up. Just like the bird with the top hat dipping into one's drink.