Sunday, May 27, 2018

Oh, Sugar

From 1942 - sugar rationing had been announced and would take effect in May of that year, so home cooks were starting to swap recipes that substituted honey or molasses, or recipes that used little sugar.  I'd like to try those 'kolachy.'

The Kitchen Klatter website is a fun read, especially if you want to see the sorts of dishes real people - as opposed to advertising copywriters and cookbook publishers - were making.

Let's just ignore that salmon casserole though, shall we?

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Lady Anne said...

These are the sorts of foods I grew up eating. My grandparents had lived through the Great War and the Depression, and were not thrown for a loop by the cooking requirements of WWII. Either of my grandmothers could have fed the Bonus Army with a handful of oatmeal and a pound of ground beef.

I like the directions "bake as other breads". This is the sort of recipe that generation would give you. Cookies or cakes? Ingredients, time and temp only; it was taken as a given that you knew how to put together a batch of cookies.