Tuesday, July 8, 2008

25 Motif Challenge - Mrs Beeton's Rosette

This rosette is from Mrs. Beeton's Book of Needlework. The pattern is Rosette #9 and was done in #8 DMC on a fine needle.

I thought I might try a few variations.

I left out the center ring and tatted only six repeats. This was done in some kind of glittery floss that I had in the craft box, also on a fine needle. It's a bear to tat and I'm not sure I'll do it again. The idea was that it would make a nice snowflake, but it's kind of blah.

This was done in #20 DMC on an extra-fine needle. I left out the center ring again, and did eight repeats. It's just over 1 inch in diameter. Hmmm...eight more of these and I'll have a coaster.

(Eight thousand and sixty three more, and I'll have a bedspread, but that way madness lies).

I like the original version the best and plan on making it in #10 red crochet cotton with gold beads at the center, as a Christmas pointsettia.

(By the way, there's a woman who is offering a download of Mrs. Beeton's book for $37 at timelesstattingpatterns.com. If you go to Project Gutenberg, it's free. Normally I tried to avoid breaking other people's rice bowls, but this individual has incurred the wrath of the entire online tatting community by taking original patterns from other websites and offering them on hers without attribution. Her tatting gallery is currently under maintenance, which is bound to happen when you get furious emails from several thousand people about it).


Amy said...

I just think that people who can crochet are so clever, I'm still trying to teach myself *sigh*

TattingChic said...

Your tatted motifs are lovely. Good luck with the bedspread.

Lydia said...

Oh my goodness, those are BEAUTIFUL!

Shay said...

If I ever tatted enough of these rosettes to make a bedspread, I'm afraid I'd feel compelled to stand guard over it with a shotgun to make sure no one ever sat on it!

Sewicked said...

No, no, no. NOT a shotgun; that'll get blood on it, splatter you know. Use a blunt weapon, or a garrote, less messy.