Monday, August 24, 2009

It's the most excitement we've had since the Laundromat caught fire

Sometime over the weekend, Evil Black Stranger Cat (who, I just learned, is female) managed to get herself fifty feet up into a tree in cat-hating neighbor’s side yard. The Village animal control officer (my brother in law), his designated climber of anything more than ten feet off the ground (the spousal unit), and a hastily-borrowed power-wash unit were not able to drive her back down, so the decision was made that if she was left alone eventually hunger and her own claws and climbing ability would effect a rescue.

Early this afternoon, she evidently had enough and began lamenting her fate in at the top of her little kitty lungs. After I noticed that Babyface was showing signs of wanting to jump through the front window, I wandered over to where two pickups, four cars, two fire trucks, the town cop, a dozen assorted children, a chow, and a lady in a Hoverround were milling around in front of cat-hating neighbor’s driveway.

Also present was Mrs. Cat-Hating Neighbor, looking annoyed. Seems the VFD did not ask if her windows were closed before they turned the hose on (note to training officer; if that isn’t on the checklist, it should be).

When and if they get her out of that tree, it would probably be a good idea to keep Evil Black Stranger Cat inside for a few weeks.


Ladytats said...

so who is going to keep evil black stranger cat inside? hmmmm?

oh i love it, the word verification is barph.

by the way, i always save your blog for last, you brighten my day. I love the different topics you pick and the interesting stories you tell.

I do enjoy your writing.

Shay said...

It may be a moot point; as of today (Tuesday morning) she's still up in that tree. I have a bad feeling about this.

Joyce said...

Wow, I hope the VFD didn't use anywhere near high pressure.

Anonymous said...

So funny!!

Amy said...

So did they manage to get the cat down from the tree?

Shay said...

I should have posted an update; a town resident with a painting business (commercial bldgs) used his cherrypicker to get her down last night.

(Do they call them cherrypickers in NZ?)

She was dehydrated and exhausted and allowed herself to be captured fairly easily.