Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sewing-A 1950's Waistcoat

Each Tuesday for the next six weeks, I am going to be posting sewing patterns for that perfect ‘50’s fall wardrobe. They come from Sewing Magic, written by Mary Brooks Picken and published originally in 1952 (my copy is from 1955). Using Mrs. Picken’s instructions, anyone with intermediate sewing skills should be able to make the following:

a fitted waistcoat,

a suit consisting of a straight skirt (long or short) and bolero jacket,

a sheath dress and shrug,

and finally a car coat or topper. Since you’ve already sewn the housecoat and scuffs (you did, right?), you will have a wardrobe that’s ready for anything the fall season has to offer. Doll aficionados please note; all of these projects could be easily scaled down and used for Ginger™, Little Miss Debutante™, Barbie™, or any other 1950’s fashion doll.

First is the waistcoat, and I’ve actually made this one. I cut facings rather than lining it to the edge but otherwise made no change to Mrs Picken’s directions. Please go to my Flickr account for the pattern.


Anonymous said...

Too funny. I was just trying to find a good vintage vest! Thank you!

Shay said...

I made the vest several years ago and it's a keeper.

(not out of fake fur though...bleah).

Anonymous said...

ROFL no, I have a good wool blend pinstripe I want to do it with with a pencil skirt and silk lining.

I have monster fur, but luckily not enough for this.

kimberly said...
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Susan Kerr said...

Shay, I always love what you post. Haven't been by for several months.

BTW, if you like Tuchman's A Distant Mirror, The March of Folly is sure to please.

Sue, from patternsofthepast group