Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Male Bonding

I happened to be standing in the kitchen the other night, holding a morsel of cheese, when lo and behold Funnyface appeared, waving his plumy tail and smiling ingratiatingly at me. At least, I think it was a smile; at any rate, all of his teeth were showing.

Determined to make him earn his nibble, I commanded him to sit in my sternest voice (if I have learned anything about German Shepherds, it's that one does not ask them to do anything. One tells them, preferably in tones that would stop a combat infantry patrol in its tracks).

Nothing happened.

“Sit!” quoth I, again.

Still nothing. “SIT!”

At this point in the proceedings, the spousal unit wandered in, looked at the dog and snapped his fingers. Once. Funnyface immediately sat down.

Me: Do you know how irritating that is?

He: Yep.


TypsTatting said...

I just love German Shephards and so now you know to snap your fingers, LOL

Packrat said...

Don't ya just hate that? I'll tell, scold, plead - nothing. Husband walks in and the mutts immediately obey.

Funnyface is beautiful. Love his markings.

anniebelle said...


Well at least I know now that it wasn't because Himself was a a Marine that he could get the cats 9not to mention the kids to "snap to it"!


T-Mom said...

Erm--I always ask my GSDs. "Sit, please. Thank you." Works every time.

T-Mom said...

PS - Funnyface is SO CUTE

Shay said...

T-Mom, it is obvious that your GSDs love you more than my GSDs love me :-(

Mrs Tailleur said...

If I ask Sherlock to speak he acts like he is mute. If I tell Katie to get off the couch she ignores me. But
my husband is the boss. It shows you dogs ARE Man's best friend...