Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bill Mauldin Was Right

Earlier this week a couple of Darwin Award candidates took it upon themselves to assault three nicely dressed gentlemen (one of them in a wheelchair) on a street in London. Pity those suit-and-tie clad sissies were, respectively, a Royal Marine, a British Army captain, and a member of the SAS, returning from a reception in their honor at Buckingham Palace.

Why is there never an anonymous bystander with a camera around when you need one? I’d pay money for that video.

(h/t to Popehat).


seanymph said...

OH yeaaaaaaaa Id pay to see that video too!

Shay said...

Picking a fight with a man who just won the Victoria Cross. Let's hope none of them breed.

Packrat said...

I' with seanymph.