Monday, April 18, 2011

Population Explosion

The spousal unit was called out before supper to go get a raccoon out of a neighbor's attic. Turned out it was a mamma raccoon and she took a powder, leaving behind six babies. He is now desperately trying to reach the lady who lives one county north of us and runs a raccoon rescue.

(And no, he is not bringing them back here to live. Two cats and two German Shepherds are adventure enough for anybody).

UPDATE: He got hold of the lady and is now on his way to Livingston County with a cage full of cheeping babies on the seat beside him and the heater going full blast so they don't catch cold.

And he still hasn't had his supper (my hero).


Anonymous said...

What a guy! Little racoons are always so cute! Hope they don't decide to inhabit attics when they grow up-that's the stuff of nightmares!
Hope you are feeling better, BTW.

Anonymous said...

First skunks, now racoons, what's next? Bears? Gators? Should we call him Daniel Boone?

Nope, we will call him Kind, Generous and full of humanity to others. And you are one lucky lady.

Packrat said...

Awww, so cute - until they bite someone or one of your animals. Glad someone like your husband and that lady are kind. I hate the thought of killing, but OH these creatures cause all kinds of havoc.

panavia999 said...

I'm not as nice as your husband. Last time I shot a momma raccoon she left two babies behind who promplty took up residence behind the bathtub. I shot them too. They were so cute too! I'd say "aaaaaw, aren't they cute!" then BANG. Because that cuteness turns into a miniature bear with a high IQ with hands.