Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Come To The Dark Side (We Have Cookies)

The annual all-county drill is ten days away, and as a special treat I have taken Xena with me to the final planning meeting where we were briefed on changes to the scenario (last year we crashed an airplane, this year we're planting an IED on the university campus). We are driving back to the office.

She: I thought the bomb was going to be set off outside.

Me: Nope, in the performing arts center during a concert. Do you know why?

She: Um....more injuries because it's an enclosed space?

Me: More severe injuries. And why is this?

She: Debris?

Me: And don't forget contained blast waves. You are learning, grasshopper.


Packrat said...

aren't you just full of good news. you'll scare her right out of wanting to be a doctor or us from going to concerts ever again. really tho i'm glad people train for these type of disasters.

Shay said...

But I'm training her to follow in my footsteps!

Sam said...

Hey, don't forget electrouction from the falling lighting equipment and sound equipment! And trampling by freaked out audience members. These are things your House Manager of every arean thinks about.