Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Want To Meet His Parents

Smitty came back from an Americorps meeting at the state capitol with a flyer about a governor’s award for which Americorps members (including Smitty) are eligible.  It’s some kind of big deal, one volunteer per region can be nominated.

He asked if we could put Xena up for the award.  He told me very seriously that it would look good when she applies for medical school.


GDad said...

Don't you wish you could keep him? He sounds like a fine fellow.

Sam said...

I think Smitty's parents deserve the award. And you too.

Anonymous said...

Can he be cloned?

Anonymous said...

I am jealous, but heartened that there are admirable students out there.
(i teach the math for football players, so i wonder some days)
give yours both gold stars.

Shay said...

I wish I could clone him -- he leaves in August.