Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Teachable Moment

We are co-hosting an event on Friday.  Xena has been making all the arrangements.

Me:  How many people have RSVP'd?

She:  Forty-five but Bill Bunson's* office said he wouldn't want lunch.

Me:  Senator Bunson is coming?

She:  Yes.  Is that important?


GDad said...

So the public sector is just as communicative as the private sector, then.

Sam said...

Really!?!?! She really does not know how important a SENATOR is?
Thunk - my jaw dropped 2 floors.

Packrat said...

Hello? LOL

Anne said...

Definitely a teachable moment! I've worked Protocol and Congressional Affairs and Xena's response made my eye twitch. We all started somewhere.

Shay said...

In fairness to Xena, he's a state senator, and he comes to EVERYTHING. The joke around here is that wherever two or three are gathered together, he'll be there.