Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Knitting - A Carriage Robe from 1949

A carriage blanket knitted in a variation of feather and fan stitch, from Workbasket magazine, June 1949. There are a few words smudged on the second page but you should be able to continue knitting in pattern (she says brazenly).

I'm pretty sure the blurry sentence reads:  Row 13 - K10, p across, K last 10 st.


Sam said...

I do love a Brazen needlewoman!Remember that a mistake made once is a mistake, make it more than once it becomes a pattern.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

This is lovely! I can read everything EXCEPT Row 13. Are you able to write out what it says? I am just seeing directions for the last 10 stitches. Thanks for posting this!