Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Other Crafts - "Magic" Flowers

I remember doing this as a kid...it probably should have come with some kind of warning, though. The fumes from the ammonia and the Mercurochrome, if that's even still available, would probably give you a massive headache.

(Posted as a curiosity only.  I don't recommend trying it!)


Kate/Massachusetts said...

We made these regularly when I was a kid! I'ld lost the "recipe" and would like to make them with my kids. We used colored food dyes insead of Mercurochrome. And, yes, bluing is still available in the laundry section of the supermarket. If this is the same one, it "grew" like coral on the coal. Wherever you dropped the food dye on the coal, that color would be the plant color!

panavia999 said...

Mrs. Stewarts Bluing still has the recipe on every bottle and online.

It takes a lot of bluing to make a salt garden. It isn't just a neat science experiment, it keeps people buying that extra bottle for the kids. Kaching!