Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Household Hints

(copyright-free advertising image from Dover).

"How to Clean Corsets.  Take out the steels at front and sides, then scrub thoroughly with tepid or cold lather of white castile soap, using a very small scrubbing brush.  Do not lay them in water.  When quite clean let cold water run on them freely from the spigot to rinse out the soap thoroughly.  Dry without ironing (after pulling lengthwise until they are straight and shapely), in a cool place."

What Shall I Eat?  The Housewife's Manual, published by the Home Life Publishing Company in 1892.


Sam said...

Because one does not one's corset to shrink!

Anne said...

Gawd. Pantyhose are bad enough. Cannot imagine corsets.

Lady Anne said...

What my grandmother called her "cast iron underwear".