Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Temporarily Out Of Commission

Hauled the spousal unit's gluteus maximus to the Mennonite hospital in Cornfedton this morning.  He got his right knee replaced. Only about three years after it should have been.  And guess how he spent Sunday?  Cutting down trees.  The surgeon was not amused.

Posting may be sporadic for a few days.

Update:  they have a German chaplain so I got to spreche the Deutsch for a bit.

Update, part deux:  they also have a great thrift shop just across the street.  I got four silk scarves, some doily pattern booklets, and a 1950 copy of the Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book.  


House Revivals said...

It sounds like you really scored! Take good care of the spousal unit!

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

PRAYERS FOR YOU while you care for the spousal unit! lol! You can reciprocate---my spousal unit gets to care for me after hysterectomy on Fri. -- on second thought-pray for ME instead! With the gb surgery-he brought me home and left me for 3-4 hrs. and complained when I asked for something to eat-nevermind it had been almost 36+ hrs. since I had had anything... sigh.

GDad said...

See, I'm all discombobulated now. I was going to express some words about taking care of Mr. Bungalow, but then you had to tell us about your awesome take at the thrift shop, so I got all confused. Verdreht, even.

Sam said...

Sorry to hear about the Spousal Unit. But you got a haul! Gonna post them???

Shay said...

GDad at least you're not verklempt.

He's fine and will be discharged tomorrow.

Am going to post some things from the cookbook, I tell ya. Great mid-century stuff.

Sharon, when I broke my leg in 91 he was in Okinawa, when they went back in to futz with it in 92 he was in 29 Palms. I think I prefer him not being around when I have medical issues.

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Oh yea---I hear that loud and clear--this time-lots of girlfriends on speed dial/on back up emergency call! Wish me luck!