Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hints to Housekeepers

To Stop The Hair From Falling Out:  Wash the hair in just as hot water as it is possible for the person to endure, then take the scalp and gently pinch all over.  This is excellent.  L.M.P.

A Little Ironing Suggestion.  When the top of the stove is full and it is time to get dinner with still some ironing to be accomplished, the irons can be heated very nicely in the oven.  E.M.S.

New Ironware.  New ironware cannot be used for cooking unless it is first boiled.  I have found that the addition of potato parings and a little lye to the water is the best means of getting the new vessels ready to use.  I recently purchased a set of waffle irons and tried several ways to get them in condition to use and at last tried putting them in a clothes boiler with potato parings, lye and cold water and allowed them to come to a boil and remain boiling two hours.  The irons were ready to use and have given no trouble.  Mrs. L.A.

Modern Priscilla, January, 1915 (image from Patricia's blog).


Bunnykins said...

Lye?! Youch! Forget the advice, just keep that pantry.

Anonymous said...

Pinch the scalp?! Love it.