Friday, January 11, 2013

Quote of the Day

The Proper Man

I saw somewhere not long ago, 
A saying wise and true, 
And thinking it is worth my while, 
I tell it now to you. 
'Twas this : — "A woman's always safe 
In marrying a man 
"Who's fond of cats;" I think it's so, — 
Just try it if you can. 

A man to whom the cats appeal 
Has very tender ways. 
He may not be a pious man, 
Nor one who gets much praise. 
But you will find a sympathy — 
An honest heart and true, — 
A generous soul, a helping hand. 
Does that appeal to you? 

He's apt to be a modest man 
Who won't be pushed too far, 
For he has temper underneath, 
Though he avoids a jar. 
He has a lot of plain ideas 
Of what he thinks is right, 
And while he "puts up with a pile,' 
He's competent to fight. 

Now if you wish to married be. 
What is it that you seek? 
Though riches, wealth and family 
Might tend to make you meek. 
Your life must not be thrown away 
For such vain dross as that. 
Cast such aside and try to get 
A man who loves a cat.  ~ Elliot Walker


Bunnykins said...

Excellent advice. I'm lucky as my guy is like this. He's a sweetie.

Maureen said...

Sadly my better half is a dog-person.....I am not.

Sam said...

Good words to live by. When my mom starting dating my step-dad, the question wasn't "Do you like kids, I have 4" It was "Do you like cats"