Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Notes On An IED Workshop

(I really love my job).

FBI Agent/Instructor:  Home-made explosives tend to be a self-resolving issue.


FBI Agent/Instructor:  Al Qaeda produces an excellent magazine called Inspire.  In terms of layout, artwork and all that, it's very professionally done.

Local Cop:  Is there a swimsuit issue?

FBI Agent/Instructor:  Yes.  The eyes show.


DEA Agent/Instructor:  Of course if you make a mistake with these ingredients, you're going to experience a negative outcome.


Me:  What are you grinning for?
Smitty:  Because I'm a guy and we're blowing shit up!


Sam said...

Change the names to Adam, Tori, Grant, Kari and Jamie and you have a great show! Thanks for making me laugh on a rainy day in CT.

Sharon Lee Kubichek said...

i am glad you learn to do this. a young friend of the family whose significant other works for the department the university hastily assembled to deal with hazardous lab waste often describes to me things he has found - like explosive chemicals stored in heavy drums in a stairwell at basement level with no elevator. they are doing the best they can with the little they have with limited funding and training as quickly as they can -- but some days i wonder how well it is.

tattrldy said...

My husband and I enjoyed reading this - thanks for the grins ☺