Sunday, June 9, 2013

Party Games


This game will furnish amusement at an evening entertainment, but may also be played after a ladies' luncheon. The questions, on sheets of paper with spaces allowed for the answers, are distributed, and fifteen minutes given for answering them. Each answer is composed of one word ending with the letters c-a-t-e; for instance: Kate is a good pleader (advo-cate). When fifteen minutes have elapsed each player signs her name and passes her paper to the person on her right. The answers are then read, and the player having the most correct answers wins a prize.
  1. Kate is a good pleader. (advocate)
  2. Kate judges judicially. (adjudicate)
  3. Kate is apt to use other people's money wrongfully. (defalcate)
  4. Kate is very frail. (delicate)
  5. Kate sometimes gets out of joint. (dislocate)
  6. Kate makes everything double. (duplicate)
  7. Kate loves to teach. (educate)
  8. Kate takes out ink spots. (eradicate)
  9. Kate helps people out of difficulties. (extricate)
  10. Kate is good at constructing. (fabricate)
  11. Kate gives a pledge of security. (hypothecate)
  12. Kate sometimes invokes evil. (imprecate)
  13. Kate is perplexing; hard to understand. (intricate)
  14. Kate often prays earnestly. (supplicate)
  15. Kate makes wheels run easily. (lubricate)
  16. Kate uses her teeth. (masticate)
  17. Kate is not always truthful. (prevaricate)
  18. Kate can foretell events. (prognosticate)
  19. Kate makes an affirmative. (predicate)
  20. Kate gets smothered. (suffocate)
  21. Kate points out clearly. (indicate)
  22. Kate makes business combinations. (syndicate)
  23. Kate goes into the country. (rusticate)
  24. Kate will now move out. (vacate)
From Bright Ideas for Entertaining, 1905, available as a free download from Project Gutenberg.

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