Monday, August 5, 2013

Biting My Tongue, Biting My Tongue, Biting My Tongue

The spousal unit is installing a new toilet.  It is not going well.

He (frustrated):  Why would two inches make that much difference?


Sam said...

Hum, let's consider this...2"...on a toliet...well only if the TV can be also 2" off. Shay, so much patience on your part! Do you have the plumber on speed-dial?

Bunnykins said...

Does he know that you apply the wax seal to the toilet and not the floor? We renovated one huge house together. Never, ever again, not ever. I used to go weed or do something where I wasn't around to be 'helpful.' Good luck.

Ladytats said...

been there, 40 yrs of marriage can bring a few of those moments.
Please don't bite your tongue too hard.
**Patience is a virtue in a good spouse.** good luck
by the way, how are you doing? still dizzy?

I can't imagine that replacing the toilet is good for healing knees.

Ev said...

Hang on now, am I the only one thinking on an incredibly snarky comeback?

Shay said...

If your mind is in the gutter, Ev, mine's right along there with it.

Solange said...

Ask Marta Rocha about two inches ;D