Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Clever Ideas" from 1933

From The Australian Women's Weekly, June 17th, 1933.

A BOOT-SCRAPER for wet weather can be made from the lid of a butter box and about 35 metal tops from soft drink bottles.  Turn them upside down, and nail them on the lid.  Put the box lid in a place where it will stand firm, and make the family scrape their feet on it. -- Mrs. Lindeman, Station Street, Leura.

BROKEN CHINA can often be mended and cracked china preserved, by boiling in milk.  If broken see that pieces are quite clean, fit together, and bind tightly with thread.  Boil slowly in enough milk to cover the article. -- Mrs. A. E. Jeffery, Crown Street, Parramatta.

SAVE ALL paper bags and fill with coal or coke.  Then place in scuttle ready for use.  In this way fuel need not be touched with the hands, and dust will not fly about the room.  Miss C. Read, 8 Moody Street, Roselle.

(The Tiled Kitchen, painted by Harry Bush).


GDad said...

Boiling in milk, you say...

I suppose Deuteronomy 14:21 doesn't come into this discussion, what with china not being a young goat.

Shay said...

Everyone's too busy getting rid of their poly-cotton shirts.