Saturday, December 14, 2013

Full Knee-Deep Lies The Winter Snow

We've gotten about seven inches so far, and it is still coming down.  Reserve Cat gave me a disbelieving look when I informed him that making it stop was not in my skill set.  Her Majesty is sulking.

The spousal unit has gone to a pancake and sausage breakfast that the American Legion is holding about three towns away.  Huddled by the woodstove and clutching my coffee cup, I ventured the opinion that it would probably be cancelled.  Nonsense, quoth he, or words to that effect.

"They're veterans!  They'll be open!" he shouted as he bounded away.

(What's annoying is that he is often right).


Bunnykins said...

Love the pic! I always dibble the feet of the new kitten(s) in the first snow to keep the little terrors in and lolling on top of a rad somewhere where they can chitter at the birds all winter.
We're supposed to get about 6", but it's blowing sideways, so who knows. The good news is that our ancient snowblower started first try. A wood fire sounds perfect for today, sigh.

Sam said...

Never underestimate the power of the sausage and a Vet. Snow - pshaw!

Shay said...

And I have just been told that by Friday it will be 45F and raining.

Bah, humbug!