Sunday, December 1, 2013

Maybe He Can't Cook

But he can sure follow directions.

I have spent the entire weekend on my backside (knitting) with my foot up and an icepack on my knee. Brian cooked the Thanksgiving dinner, from turkey to pies.

Okay, I helped (I opened the can of cranberry sauce).


Bunnykins said...

Wow! I'm impressed!Me, I'm icing my wrist after knitting half of a 6foot scarf at one go. Dumb. And I have a cowl to knit, too. Nothing like last minute Christmas gifts. We lost ginger cat last month, the one who did that run away with the ball of yarn, unravelling the knitting as he went cartoon move once, the one who delighted in watching wool winding. sigh. Need kittens, but how do you replace the best cat ever?

Ladytats said...

congratulations! good for you to keep your foot up and your knee iced. I hope you heal quickly.

Tell MR awesomeness, that raking leaves in the dark might net you more then you bargained for.