Saturday, March 22, 2014

Eye Of The Beholder

He:  Your favorite actor is on this afternoon.

Me:  ?

He:  Your favorite actor; with Deborah Kerr.

Me: (the penny drops).  Oh, Robert Mitchum! Well, he's one of my favorite actors.  And that's my favorite movie.

He:  One of your favorite movies.

Me:  Okay, my favorite chick flick.

He:  (scornful).  It's not a chick flick...he goes around killing Japanese soldiers.

Me:  To me, that's a chick flick.

1 comment:

Lady Anne said...

At first glance, that scene resembles a Nativity set. I loved that movie, but could never understand how the good Sister managed to stay so neat and clean while Robert Mitchem looked as if he'd been swimming with alligators.