Sunday, March 16, 2014

When Lunches Were Lunches, Part IV

Vintage advertising from the Woman's Home Companion, October, 1921.

In addition to the detailed recipes discussed last week, Mrs. Berolzheimer provided a list of "Miscellaneous Sandwiches and Sandwich Fillings" for the benefit of homemakers pondering the Lunch Question.  Her suggestions:

1.  Raisins worked into cream cheese.
2.  Chopped raisins, figs, dates or prunes, mixed with chopped nut-meats and moistened with mayonaise dressing or lemon-juice.
3.  The well-whipped white of an egg mixed with a cup each of chopped raisins and nut-meats, seasoned with a little salt.
4.  Peanut butter moistened with salad dressing and mixed with raisins, dates, figs or bananas.
5.  Equal parts olives, peanut butter, celery, mixed with a little salad dressing.
6.  Peanut butter mixed with chopped dill, sweet or sour pickles.
7.  Cream cheese and chopped stuffed olives.
8.  Chopped stuffed olives and chopped nuts, moistened with salad dressing.
9.  Cream cheese and crushed pineapple between very thin slices of bread.
10.  Tunafish mixed with parsley, lemon-juice, seasoning and a bit of onion.
11.  Cream cheese and chopped nuts.
12.  Ground boiled ham and chopped pickles or chopped peanuts.
13.  Cottage cheese and pickles, olives, nuts or pimiento.
14.  Currant jam with pounded walnut meats and creamed butter.  Pass with cream cheese.  Preserved currants may be substituted in this combination.
15.  Boston brown bread with cream cheese or mayonnaise mixed with chopped nuts or raisins.
16.  Rounds of brown bread spread with chopped olives,  minced lettuce and watercress, tarragon, paprika, parsley and chives mixed with mayonnaise.
17.  Pimientos, cucumbers and onion or chives, minced, mixed with mayonnaise and spread on buttered entire-wheat bread.
18.  Green pepper, pimiento and olives with mayonnaise.
19.  Boston brown bread with minced corned beef seasoned with mustard and rubbed to a paste.
20.  Cream cheese used with chopped parsley, pimento and mayonnaise, chopped nuts, sliced sugared bananas, crushed pineapple, chopped or sliced olives, shredded sliced apples.  The cheese may be rubbed with butter or the creamed butter may be spread on the bread.

I'll pass on #s 3, 5 and 20.  Next week:  Hot sandwiches! (I'm on a roll, people.  Pun intended).


Bunnykins said...

Thanks for these! The other half won't eat cream cheese, cottage cheese (except when hidden in lasagna) or yogurt, or olives or plain nuts - and the list goes on. I love mashed banana or cream cheese and pineapple on black bread, so I'm going to try out these mixes and leave the luncheon meat for he who buys it.

Janice in GA said...

When I was a kid, we'd make pineapple sandwiches. Using canned pineapple sliced into rings was best, but drained crushed pineapple also made a tasty, albeit juicy, sandwich.

We used white bread, mayonnaise, and pineapple. I haven't had one in years. I should remedy that!

Bunnykins said...

Just btw, do you happen to have a recipe for soda pickles in your stash? Health Canada says not to make them anymore because there's no vinegar brine for food safety, but they didn't poison earlier generations so I don't get it. I'm not supposed to eat vinegar in anything, so no soda pickles means no pickles at all for me.

Lady Anne said...

The idea of raw egg whites doesn't appeal to me either, but cream cheese and olives is great.
There are a lot of really good ideas in this list.

Mary said...

Had a lot of these 'interesting' sandwiches growing up in the Midwest.