Sunday, April 13, 2014

Someone Must Have Slammed A Door

Happy birthday, honey.


Ladytats said...

well, I'll bet it still tasted good.
Happy Birthday to the Spousal Unit.

Shay said...

Covering the ruin with whipped cream and strawberries helped.

Sam said...

Reminds me of a cake my grandmother made for my dad. Two layer cherry cake that fell off the plate. Scooped it up, filled in the Grand Canyon gap with frosting, done!
Until my dad cut into the Grand Canyon of frosting, then the jig was up. Happy Belated Birthday!

Bunnykins said...

Very resourceful of you. Lemonade from lemons, coming up.
Bet it looked like a lot of the stacked, sauced, chocolate ribboned and berried deserts that are popular now.

Happy Birthday to the big guy.

Lady Anne said...

That happened to me the first time I ever made a sponge cake. I didn't know you were supposed to hang it upside down! I actually tried to pull it apart with my fingers!

museumgirl said...

I once tried to make my son a cake that looked like a castle. At 11 p.m., in tears, it looked like road kill! I added a head, tail, tire tracks and made it a dead oppossum cake instead. It was gross. he loved it!
Happy birthday to the spousal unit!