Sunday, April 6, 2014

Too Pooped To Participate


I'm three weeks overdue on the final post from Mrs. Berolzheimer's epic study on sandwiches, but Atlanta wore me out.  All I feel like doing this weekend is snoozing.

My sweet, lovely boss wanted to go out every night and that meant walking.  The county doesn't reimburse you for taxi fare.

In one of those Life-Beats-Fiction moments, during our presentation we mentioned that we had found the CDC's standard forms for post-radiation population monitoring to be too hard for our volunteers to read -- very small type and not user-friendly -- so we tweaked them considerably.  After we were done, a three piece suit and tie gentleman came up to the podium.   He was from the CDC, he said, rather sheepishly, and would we be willing to give him copies of our forms?


Sam said...

That is rich! Made my day to read this.

Lady Anne said...

Good heavens! They never realized nobody could read them, and now they're asking YOU for the corrections? I hope you asked for a commission!

tattrldy said...

Oh, my! I hope he was sheepish! What good are they if they are usable? I did get a chuckle out of this :-)

Bunnykins said...

Things are looking up if the CDC person actually had the sense to grab a good idea when he saw one.

Now, does your unit get credit?

Shay said...

Credit, hell. We want cash.