Saturday, August 9, 2014


We had a pretty fair turnout of volunteers for the Pet First Aid training this morning, and it was a good class.  The veterinarian and her assistant brought two live training aids; a very sweet pit bull named Justice and a cat named Frank who displayed an amazing sang-froid while restraint methods, muzzling, and How To Get A Cat Into A Carrier Without Losing Any Blood techniques were being demonstrated on him.  There was a line one did not cross, however.

Assistant: (who has just shown the class how to take a dog's vital signs while Justice lay there smiling and wagging his tail the entire time):'re seriously not going to take Frank's temperature, are you?

Vet:  Sure, if he'll let me.

He didn't.


PepperReed said...

LOL!!! Best Family Friends is a Vet and his wife that run their own clinic... True Story indeed. ;^)

Shay said...

You don't often see a cat who will sit there and let 20 total strangers maul him.

Lady Anne said...

We were owned by a pit-boxer cross for about five years. it was only in her last days that the vet was ever able to get her temperature. Un-huh. No way, Jose. Every time we came near her with that thermometer, she'd back into a corner and sit down.

Bunnykins said...

Awww, he looks just like Tommy, the first cat I ever had: biggest, baddest tom in the neighbourhood, and a cuddly baby at home. He used to let me bathe him and file his nails, and slept in an old doll's bed, pink toes sticking out.
As soon as the stream of people helping put this house together is gone for good, I'm getting a brace or so of cats/kittens. This being catless is unnatural.