Saturday, August 2, 2014

Not The Weirdest Question I've Ever Been Asked, But Close

I am walking through the Health Promotion division and am stopped by our resident graphic artist.

He:  Are you any good at visualizing measurements?

Me:  (modestly) I think so.

He (pointing to his computer screen where he has created a mockup of a specimen cup)  How much is two ounces of pee?


Bunnykins said...

Headbangingly dumb until you look at the cup and find it's marked in millilitres. Welcome to Canada, land of the people who never how much is in anything since metric conversion.

Lady Anne said...

60 ml, I *think*.

I inherited a bunch of Australian cookbooks from my sister, and most of them are written in grams and milliliters. Drove me nuts* until I got a Pampered Chef measuring cup with very small amounts in both scales.

Bunnykins said...

Thanks, Lady Anne -
That measuring cup (and perhaps some other things) is going on my "what do you want for Christmas" list.

wolfkit said...

Coming from the Landdownunder, my problem was American recipes - until I managed to find, locally, a set of 'American' measures.