Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So This Is Why The County Is Always In The Red

I am in a training session with, among other people, six members of a local fire department.  Two of them are discussing a piece of equipment.

Fire Dude #1:  Is (make of radio) firefighter-proof?

Fire Dude #2:  If you can use it as a wheel chock, it's firefighter-proof.

The instructor is a quiet gentleman from Utah who really should have known better.

Instructor:  So what is the single most dangerous item in your house?

Fire Dude #2:   My wife.

The training ends with a tabletop exercise simulating a flood in a resort town.

Instructor:  You still have over 50 people stranded at the (imaginary) hotel.  What is your recommended course of action?

Fire Dude #3:  They're tourists.  Let 'em drown.

The best part of the training?  After lunch, all of the fire dudes showed up wearing hot pink t-shirts with the breast cancer ribbon printed on them.  Tight hot pink t-shirts.


Sam said...

Yep, you nailed firefighters....great bods but the brains need some tweeking...I should know - family & friends are firefighters/EMTs.

Bunnykins said...

Best use for firefighters when no fighting fires:
raising money for charity during jazz festival by (half) stripping, flexing and dancing on the roof of the fire station to much cheering and joy from mixed sex crowd - and selling the annual calendar.
Prude of ex-mayor shut it down. There's always some spoil sport.

These are the people who run the annual food bank drive, too, a real lot of good guys who take food donations and out of the cold donations of blankets and sleeping bags in the firehouses and let the kids look at the fire trucks. Gotta love Toronto fire fighters.

meggiecat said...

Geeze, Shay, you're funny

Shay said...

Naah, I just get to hang out with some funny people.